It is not “another mask”. NudeMask's goal is to protect you and protect others from the virus. It means eliminating a more persistent pandemic, which is inequality, xenophobia and racism. NUDEMASK® is the first inclusive mask because protecting is not only protecting our health but also raising our voice and taking action against racial and social injustices.

Protect yourself. Protect others.

NUDEMASK® - safety in favor of diversity - Four skin tones on the way to eight for those who like discreet, reusable masks that do their job effectively and safely.

NudeMask Mask

Consisting of 3 layers, NUDEMASK®, is a certified level 3 mask that presents itself to everyone's skin tone. It is an ergonomic, reusable, breathable mask that filters out particles that dare to pass through.

No filter required - the three layers work as a breathable filter, in which the layer that contacts the skin is 100% cotton free of chemicals, thus reducing the risk of allergy. The intermediate layer in 100% polyester resists washing at 60º without the need for replacement, guaranteeing the durability of the mask, besides constituting an extra barrier in protection against the virus. All NUDEMASK® masks are accompanied by a carrying / washing bag that works as a contagion protection bag to store the used mask that must be washed together with the mask, thus avoiding wearing it and prolonging its useful life.